Why choose
a townhome?

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A townhome is a lot different from a condominium and an apartment. With condominiums, you technically own only the living space within the walls, past the front door. Everything outside – the corridors and the barriers alongside it, the parking space, the walls – they are not yours nor should you tamper with any of them. And you pay rent, if you haven’t bought the unit yourself. With a townhome, there is ownership – it’s all yours. A home for you today and for the next generation – built for life and meant to last.

With an apartment, you may have a piece of land outside – a small yard, perhaps – with a gate and parking space (if it has one). Your stay is even governed by a contract for a specific period of time renewable every year, and for which you pay rent. Every single month. Along with the requisite balance payments and security deposit. Year after year, you will pour money to pay the rent and still you have no property to speak of. That’s hardly smart spending. With TransPhil Real Estate, you have ownership of a home for yourself and your family well into the next generation. Now, that is a smart spending decision if there ever is one.

Townhomes offer residents ownership.
Not just of the space inside, but of the whole structure inside and out.

These townhome owners are among the many families at various life and career stages. By trusting TransPhil Real Estate, they and more than 1,500 other families have been rewarded with fulfilling home lives year after year.


Adrian has worked hard all his life at building a strong business. At the same time, he has always longed for a stable home life where he and his wife can raise their growing family. Adjusting to life in our New Normal was a challenge. He’s happy with his investment of acquiring a TransPhil Real Estate property at The Bedford, given that his business experienced a dip in profits since the lockdown. In terms of savings and workable, living space for him to run his business remotely and for his kids to study online, it was a very smart move.

Being in lockdown was very hard on my business, especially at first. But I’ve been able to make the transition to remote work for myself and even some of my employees. Also, the enforced stay at home has not proven hard for the kids, since they have a lot of space to play around, with quiet areas where they can focus on schoolwork or online workshops. And more importantly, my wife also has her remote workspace and room for her great cooking. All in all, a very good decision for everyone.

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Richard’s business requires him to have lots of meetings with clients and suppliers all over Metro Manila. But the recent lockdown has affected his mobility with regards to his transactions and made him think twice about security for him and his family. His TransPhil Real Estate property has proven to be a welcome base for his business. His kids, some of whom have already moved out, want him to stay at home a lot more, especially for his own health and well-being.

My kids, especially the unmarried ones, want me to stay home more often. They fear for my health. Since our TransPhil Real Estate property is right in the heart of the city, if I really need to meet with clients, I don’t have to go far. And when I do stay at home, I feel especially safe. I still feel I can do anything.

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Jen and Mikko

Jen and Mikko were given a TransPhil Real Estate property as their wedding gift. Now, as they start their own family, they’ll also be starting careers of their own.

It’s important for us to reward our parents with successful careers and a happy home life. That they gave us our TransPhil Real Estate property home is proof of their belief in us. It also shows they only want the best for us. So they gave us a home that is safe, beautiful, a good investment and somewhere where we can raise our family, build our careers and have a life that is simply wonderful.

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Successful businessman Dennis grew up in a posh village in Metro Manila. Now as his kids grow up, it means more and more time for him and his wife Diane at their TransPhil Real Estate property in Cubao.

I grew up in a well-off village just outside Makati. As traffic got worse, it became a big hassle to go out for dinner with friends. But we kept going out. When I became a dad, it was dinner and malls with the kids, my parents, siblings and their families. And it never got to be difficult, because by then we’d moved to our TransPhil Real Estate townhome in Cubao. But these days, we stay at home more. Sometimes, we go out because we’re near all the places to go to. But mostly, our days at home are more precious to us than ever.

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For Martha, it’s always been about career and family. Even before graduating from college, she took her first job at a publishing company. It’s been promotions and pay raises ever since. And it’s worked well for her, especially since she’s taken on the role of caring for her parents, also professionals, who opted for early retirement.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own place, ever since I was a kid. But the thought of living alone and apart from my parents used to be attractive. Things change. Now, I want to take care of them the way they took care of me. So, to be able to have my own TransPhil Real Estate townhome after years of renting apartments, and having my parents move in with me, is very fulfilling. I get to be with them and take care of them, in a beautiful house where all of us can be comfortable.

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Shayne and

Shayne and Gerald recently moved into their TransPhil property with their young children, after living at Shayne’s parents’ house during the years when their children were born. It was a big step – one they were planning for a long time.

We knew we were going to have to move out of my in-laws’ house sooner or later. We just waited for the kids to be born, so we could be well-recovered financially for it. And it’s proven to be a great choice – TransPhil. Near schools – inevitable and necessary, and hospitals – necessary but hopefully we won’t be needing for anything other than check-ups. Near our offices, too, although now we mostly work at home, remotely. Kids will probably be online most of the time. So everyone has space and the place is within proximity to whatever we may need. And anytime our parents want to visit, there’s enough space for them, too.

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