Redesign your life

The New Normal is upon us. New working circumstances. A different way to shop for our needs. Another way to see friends or get together with family. The times require us to be more purposeful with our schedules and what we need to do outside the home. We’ve gone from being mandated to stay indoors to choosing to stay of our own choice.

Choosing a place in which to live, one that goes hand in hand with this new, simpler, grounded lifestyle – that concept of a life centered around the home – is in fact, an ideal that has long been embraced and developed by TransPhil Real Estate. Spacious units that provide comfort and leisurely relaxation make way for workplaces and home-schooling spaces for a new generation of employees, business owners and students.

For TransPhil Real Estate, the New Normal is nothing new. We have been designing our properties with space, comfort and security foremost in mind since the very start. Our sophisticated, expertly-designed homes are made for leisurely living, working and studying indoors for every member of the family, located within safe and welcoming communities. For us, this has always been The Standard.