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Beautifully-designed homes. Attractive financial options. With TransPhil Financing, your dream home is now within reach.

TransPhil Finance

What is TransPhil Finance?
We are a licensed financing company that provides innovative and practical financial products and services to private corporations, partnerships and single proprietorships.

TransPhil Finance started as Prime Global Finance Corporation, created under RA5980. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ON April 16, 1997.

It started out by servicing all the accredited suppliers of the Hortaleza Group. At present, its lending facilities are open to external clients including: commercial and consumer loan facilities and real estate financing.

Why Choose TransPhil Finance?

TransPhil Finance offers a breakthrough product for everyone – those looking to acquire homes for themselves or for selling to others.

Enjoy the value of a home that will last for a generation, in a prime location that is both accessible and convenient, situated in livable and less dense spaces.

Well-designed COMFORTS of a house and lot.  

With the AFFORDABILITY of a condo.

And the FLEXIBILITY of consumer payments.

Choose the property for you and your family, along with the financial plan to give you optimum leverage in acquiring it.

    • If you are a buyer, you can choose the most flexible payment scheme with low downpayments and easy financing.


    • If you are a lessor, flexible payment schemes are also available for you with low rental income downpayments and handsome capital appreciation every year.


    • If you are a home owner hoping to sell your property, you have a more attractive and sellable product for your potential buyers, with a faster commission processing for you and a broader customer base to tap into.


  • If you are an investor looking to lease property, you have a more attractive and sellable product for your tenants, with a faster commission processing, a broader customer base to tap into, plus potentially higher income from leasing quality property.


For our customers who wish to own or invest in one of the many TransPhil Real Estate properties, they get so much more in terms of financial advantages through TransPhil Financial.


  • Flexible payment scheme (up to 36 months)
  • Move in now at 30% DP
  • Bank Loan application


  • Flexible investment scheme (up to 36 months)
  • Rental income now at 30% DP
  • Capital appreciation


For brokers who choose to sell a TransPhil Real Estate property, they get so much more in terms of potential sales and profit through TransPhil Financial.


  • More attractive and sellable product
  • Faster commission
  • A broader customer base


  • More attractive & sellable product
  • Faster commission
  • A broader customer base
  • Income from lease commission

Apply Now (Requirements)

Buying or selling property through TransPhil Finance is easy and very simple. All you need are:

1. A completely filled-up TRCD application form and Bank Authorization Form
2. Two (2) Government-issued IDs
3. 12 monthly bank statements (1 year)
4. Proof of income which includes
     a. Certificate of Employment
         i. Pay slips (2 months), if employed
     b. Latest Financial Statements and ITR, if self-employed

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