Transphil Land Corporation | Santa Ana, Sta. Ana
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Live in a Place Rich with History

Sta. Ana lies in the historical capital of the country, and much of the past age’s mark remains in Manila. While many heritage structures still exist, these are flanked by more contemporary facilities such as banks, supermarkets, and other modern establishments. This has made the place a curious mix of the old and new, and you can experience both of these while having a three-story unit to come home to. Each of Sta. Ana’s units offer a place of respite, all while leaving enough room to grow.
Sta. Ana’s architectural heritage has left it with more than a few sites to behold. A historical plaza, a beautiful church, and ancestral houses dot the cityscape, letting you live in a place that’s steeped in history, while also being in touch with modern times.

Ready for Occupancy

Live a life well-designed in Manila

Location: 45 Pag-asa St., Barangay Harapin ang Bukas, Mandaluyong City
Floor Area: 109 to 129 sqm
Lot Area: 37 to 47 sqm


8 Units – 3 Storey
2 to 3 Bedrooms
2 T&B & 1 Powder Room
1 to 2 Car Covered Garage

The home of your dreams, now within reach

You have your own home at the heart of the metro, your own space, your own home. You will get what your money’s worth.

Price Range: P5.9M to P6.5M


  • Kitchen System
  • Telephone Line
  • CCTV System

  • Intercom System
  • Air Conditionning
  • Garage

  • Water Heating
  • Internet Line
  • Parking Area

Want to Learn More
About Your Future Home?

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