Transphil Land Corporation | Moving Out?
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Moving Out?

Whether you’re looking for a place to start a family, or finally taking the leap and breaking free from years of paying rent, moving into your first home is going to be a liberating experience. It’s a big step, sure, and one that needs to be in the right direction from the beginning.

Your first home should end up serving you for years—if not decades—and making the right choice is as essential as choosing your own profession (or your own car, or even your own lifestyle). Any purchase of real estate means playing the long game, but finding a place to settle down, to grow into, is a decision that’s worth the reward. Here are the five things you should be looking for when hunting down your first home.

Everything is about owning a home is about location. Traffic routes, train lines, and bus stands might be necessary but they’re only the beginning. Your home has to let you get to the places you need to go—to work, to school—but it also has to have everything you need without having to go very far. You want a location that has stores, banks, restaurants, and entertainment centers, so you can make time for the important things—like being with family.

A home is as good as the family that lives in it, but it’s made even better by the people that surround it. When looking for a place to settle down, you’ll want a community that makes you want to stay—one that makes you want to live more. Having a place with people who share your interests—whether it’s art, music, or food—will make all the trouble of moving worthwhile.

Families won’t always be the same. Whether it’s the coming of a new child or having an older one leave for college, your home’s spaces—and the way they’re used—will sometimes vary across the years. Consider what you need at present and what your plans are for the future. This will you give you a clearer picture of the kind of place you’ll want to come home to. What you want is a home that grows with you, one that’s design to adapt to changing needs.


As with every major purchase, price is always a consideration, but that price also has to be put into context. This is where value comes in. A condo unit might seem inexpensive and adequate for what you need at the moment, but the cost of moving out in the future might just be too steep to be viable. Townhouses, though a bit pricier, offer more space and will suit a growing family better. Spending a little more now to save on future costs will work to your benefit in the end.

Your first real property should last you for years, even a lifetime. Look for a property that’s built by a company with decades of experience, one whose work no longer needs to be proven. Quality materials, good design, and a commitment to delivering are what you should keep in mind when hunting for your first home.