Transphil Land Corporation | Why You Need to Take Another Look at Cubao
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Why You Need to Take Another Look at Cubao

During the 60s, Cubao was what Makati is now. It was the most progressive of all the Greater Manila cities, the center of commerce and urban life. While some of the glamor has been tarnished by traffic, marred by bustling sidewalks, and muted in the noise of an increasingly busy city center, much of Cubao’s old charm still remains. What this means is that it has managed to age well after more than half a century of development, even when you consider all of that. And, really, which city can claim to have done the same?

Now home to shopping centers, large businesses, and a lively community, Cubao is still in the middle of a renaissance, one that began some years ago. And that’s precisely what makes it so appealing.

Still, go beyond the center and you’ll discover that there are pockets of the city that remain untouched by the all the noise. Areas that let you live in peace while remaining a short distance away from the activity.  

If you’re looking for reasons to move to Cubao, these are the five that you want to take down, and you might not even need a second look before taking the leap and moving to the heart of the city.

It’s home to a vibrant community

Cubao is almost never dull. From artists to writers to businessmen, the city is full of people who actively keep the city moving. The recent resurgence of Cubao as a cultural hub—as well as the opening of a good number of new buildings and establishments—has drawn the attention of a vibrant community, one that continues to add to its ranks as the years go by.

It’s got a thriving business district

Cubao is home to both large corporations and small businesses. From the start of business hours and well into the night, nearby shops open their stalls to reveal their wares—both the mundane and the unusual. Art, specialty furniture, and even health and wellness products line the  shelves and walls, leaving you much to explore and discover.

It’s easy to get everywhere

Living in Cubao makes it easy to get around. Quick access to the MRT and LRT lines provide versatile mobility, keeping you a at ride’s length from all the main areas of Manila. Anonas, Maginhawa, Katipunan, and Kamias are all a short drive away, in case you feel the need to explore the surrounding areas.

It has a diverse dining culture

Like its community, Cubao’s local restaurants are just as diverse, and you can basically drive anywhere to get a good meal. From family diners and Italian restaurants to specialty bars and a lively nightlife, Cubao has attracted both casual diners and a dedicated cultural underground.

It’s a hotspot for leisure and entertainment

When the Araneta Coliseum first opened its doors in 1960, it was the first of its kind. While many such buildings have since been built, the place still has its share of the spotlight, drawing multiple concerts as well as local and international programs for adults and children throughout the year. Right across the Araneta Coliseum is Gateway Mall, and the surrounding areas offer amusement centers, shopping centers, and a lively nightlife.

Move to the heart of the city

Looking for a place in Cubao? Trans-Phil takes great pains to find locations with complete communities in the area. Places that let you live in peace while remaining a short distance away from the activity. Feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll help you get the home of your dreams, and let you know why you can afford one now.