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Thinking of owning a townhome but don’t know what to do with the extra space? Get creative and go to town with these ideas.
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Going To Town

Thinking of owning a townhome but don’t know what to do with the extra space? Get creative and go to town with these ideas.

Whether you’re moving from a cramped apartment or scouting for a first home to build the next few years of your life in, townhomes make for an attractive option. Space comes at a premium in the city, and townhomes offer a middle ground between the convenience of a condo and the sheer area of a stand-alone house. With good value for the cost, as well as a design that’s meant to adapt to the user, Trans-Phil’s units are especially suited to first-time homeowners.

Still, young professionals and starting families might find that they have a spare room, perhaps even two, when they first move in. But when it comes to space, it’s never much of a problem to have more. Have a look at these options, and get an idea about what your townhome can become.

Even in a home with an abundance of space, you might still want a room to keep to yourself, letting you work in peace or allowing you to while away the hours with some reading. A desk, some shelving, and perhaps a bit of good lighting creates a study where you can spend your personal time alone. Specialized equipment, a small library, or a drawing board might make more sense for professionals, converting the space into a small office where they can better focus their thoughts. Work—or perhaps leisure—gets much easier when you’re doing it in comfort.

For families with a newborn child, a two-room unit is usually a good option. But while the child is in its infancy, the second room might be left unused for many years, left empty or possibly marked for storage. Building a nursery with a crib, a changing station, and a dresser puts it to better use, freeing up some space in the main bedroom. As your child grows up, you can turn the nursery into a playroom, where all the toys and larger accessories can be kept. Years later, the space can still be used as an actual bedroom, but in the meantime, you can make the most out of it. It’s this sense of adaptability that makes having a townhome convenient.

Having a dedicated entertainment room gives you space for some leisure time, somewhere to spend the weekends with friends and family. A flatscreen and a soundbar can serve as a small cinema for movie nights with your children; a poker table and a mini bar creates a game room for when your friends come over; a turntable, some speakers, and wall-mounted shelving could be the new home for a vinyl collection. Setting up an entertainment room doesn’t take much, and it’s likely that you already have most of the essentials from a previous home. It might be a good idea, though, to install some blackout curtains and adjustable lighting, just to create a more private mood.

If you’re heavy into cooking, rely on natural remedies, or simply want to keep a green thumb from going to waste, tending a small garden in your garage might be a good option. This is especially useful for units with a two-car garage, or families who rely on public transportation to get around. Rows of pots, wall-mounted planters, or long wooden garden beds offer plenty of space for growing plants in your garage. You can even extend the greenery into your home, lining the kitchen with a small herb garden or perhaps using raised boxes to keep a few plants near the windows.  


Townhomes might look similar on the outside, but it’s these small touches that give them their character. Built within complete communities across the metro, Trans-Phil’s properties are exceptional first homes, ones that you can leave your mark in and truly make your own.


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