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Five things to consider before you pick between a townhouse and a condo.
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Why Choose a Townhouse?

For starting families, young professionals, or just people looking for a place to move into, the dream is always the same. The dream is to have a place of your own, somewhere you can take root and grow into yourselves. Somewhere you can really live. If you’re on the fence about spending the next few decades on the ground or up in the city air, here are five reasons that might just help you decide.

Townhouses won’t have you living dozens of floors above the street, and you’ll never have to take the elevator just to get to your home. This means you can get in and out without much effort, and you can leave for the store, or the bank, or get to your car the moment you want to. Living on the ground has its advantages and, in this case, the ground is a piece of real estate that you actually own.

Whether you’re married with children or someone who likes to see their relatives often, townhouses are more than a little suited to hosting families. Having a townhouse means you’ll never have to worry about cramping your children’s growth, or think about where your parents can stay for the night when they visit. Family gatherings, special occasions, or just hanging out for the weekend, townhouses offer a place that will always feel like an actual home.

Townhouses grow right alongside you, and this means that each room, each space, can adapt to what you need it to be. Having a baby? Turn a room into a nursery, which can still be used a playroom later on. Need somewhere to be alone? Stuff all your books and hobbies into a room and create your own study. Want a place to entertain friends? Build a cinema room with a large flat screen and a small bar. Spaces never have to be stagnant, and you’re limited only by what you choose to make of them.

Between the traffic and the confusion in the city streets, it’s difficult enough to get around. It gets even worse when you get home and have to compete for parking on the streets. A townhouse will always have parking, and you’ll also have the convenience of heading straight to your front door when you arrive, so there won’t be any long trips when you bring in the groceries. While condominium buildings do provide parking, most of them aren’t free, and you’ll find yourself renting or shelling out even more, just to buy a parking slot of your own.

Lots of it. People need space to grow, and if there’s one thing townhouses have over condominiums, it’s a few hundred extra square meters. Having all this space means you get your privacy when you need it, since each member of the family can have their own rooms, while still having common areas to gather around in. It also means you can go after your interests (think herb gardens, pets, large wardrobes) without having to find room for them. Having a home isn’t just about having somewhere to stay, and townhouses are places where people can truly live.