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40 years of Creating
a life, well-designed.

What does it take to build a home? It takes skill, requires passion, demands commitment. But, more than anything, it takes experience. A certain attention to detail that only time provides.


For over 40 years, Trans-Phil has been building high-quality, affordable homes. Homes that are meant to grow with the people who live in them.

Trans-Phil’s story began in 1973, back when the Trans-Phil Group of Companies—a conglomerate involved in multiple industries—was in its earliest years. By 1975, at a time when overseas construction was in high demand, the group decided to venture into general construction, and so Trans-Phil Land Corporation was born. This new company made its way into the international scene, partnering with prominent German construction firms for its projects. Trans-Phil focused most of its efforts in the Middle East, catching what was to be one of the biggest booms in the construction industry. In its time abroad, it learned the merits of good design and, more importantly, the value of quality in every step of the construction process. It is this vast amount of experience that Trans-Phil brought back to the Philippines when it began creating townhomes and commercial buildings.

Today, Trans-Phil stands among the most prolific of builders, and has delivered 678 townhomes to date—a number that continues to grow as it creates even more developments across Metro Manila. Quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and a design that lets the unit adjust to the needs of a growing family allow Trans-Phil’s townhomes to deliver remarkable value. Still, these homes are priced well within reach, far more than other developments of its kind. Trans-Phil knows that every family dreams of owning a true home, a place where they can take root. One that gives them the space to grow and lets them go out into the world to make their mark. And this is Trans-Phil’s promise: to give these families a life well-designed, to give them a space where they can truly live and return to at the end of everything. And with its record of 100% completion across all developments, Trans-Phil has made sure this promise is one that will never be broken.


A Dream of a Life Well-Designed

Trans-Phil Land Corporation was built upon a vision. It is a company that is set to become the leading developer of medium-cost properties in Metro Manila. We’ve always aimed to provide highly engineered, well built, and brilliantly designed properties that people can afford. But, most of all, we’ve always done this by taking care of the people we work with—the clients, families, employees, suppliers, investors, stakeholders, and the communities where we do business. Who we are now is a result of who we’ve worked with and together, we believe in building a life well-designed.


Building the Dream

The idea of a life well-designed has always guided us in what we do. How we bring that vision to life is through our commitment to giving Filipino families the homes they deserve—ones that follow our view of the qualities that a dream home should have:

The People Behind Trans-Phil

Trans-Phil is a company that has a passion for what it does, run by people dedicated to a single vision. It is this idea that pushes us to move forward, to carry on working. This sense of purpose is what unites us, allowing us to give you a life well-designed.

What We Value

We are passionate about what we do!


The fulfillment of a dream must always come from passion, and all of us here are dreamers. By making a positive impact in our communities through the homes we provide, we’d like to give you the same opportunity. We want to exceed your expectations and give you room to dream some more, even after yours have been fulfilled. This is how it has always been with us, and this is how we’ve gotten to where we are.

Delivering only the best quality at all times!


The road to the top of the industry is one that has no shortcuts. It always takes the hard way, the long way, the one that makes sure nothing passes without being seen. Trans-Phil’s commitment is to bring you this same diligence, this same dedication to the homes we provide. This has allowed us to reach the top of our field, and through innovation, through welcoming new ideas and seizing opportunities for improvement, we intend to remain there. Trans-Phil’s best performance will always be the one we give you today.

We want to get things done quickly and efficiently.


All of life is measured in time, and of all currencies, this is perhaps the most valuable. Trans-Phil believes in doing things quickly and efficiently. From deadlines to commitments, each matter is treated with the utmost urgency, so you can focus on living a life well-designed.

We recognize the importance of teamwork.


We believe in giving people the chance to have a dream of their own, and working with them until their hopes are achieved. Trans-Phil’s working environment is one that values collaboration, welcomes ideas, and encourages goals. By bringing ourselves together, we make each individual stronger, and thus make the team all but unstoppable.

Honor and respect are our unbreakable contract!


Beyond all words, above all documentation, honor and respect are the two things that make up our unbreakable contract. The two things that are the foundation of everything we do. We stand by every word, every agreement, and will always work with courtesy. This is why our promise of a life well-designed has never been broken.

Get in touch with us!

Are you looking for a place to grow with? Feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll help you get the home of your dreams, and let you know why you can afford one now.