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Redesign Your Life

As the start of the year settles in, it’s become a habit for people to reassess their lives, looking back to the year that was and thinking about all the things they could do in the new one. This period of reflection often comes with new goals, new directions, and possibly even a complete change in lifestyle.  

Still, inspiration can’t last forever, and the will to keep following these new decisions might sputter out over the course of the year. But with a little bit of foresight, it’s possible to keep the momentum going. One way to keep you on track is by redesigning your home around your new life. Living in a space that constantly reminds you of the goals you’ve set will help put things in perspective, and help keep you from lapsing back into the things you’re trying to leave behind.

A well-designed home isn’t just about having a good structure, or a great location, or quality materials—it should also be able to help you grow by adapting to constantly changing lives. In light of the season, here are a few things that you can do to help keep you in the spirit of renewal.


Get rid of the unnecessary

Owning a home will sometimes feel like curating an exhibit. You have a lot of material to work with (like furniture, clothes, and the like), but you will only ever need a few of them at a time. At the start of the year, you might want to think about which things to keep, and which ones you can let go of. Part of starting a new lifestyle is letting go of the old, and the start of the year is the best time to do this, leaving room for the things that matter to you.


Make room for the things you love

Whether you’re picking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one, it helps to build a permanent space to pursue it. Enthusiasm quickly dies down once you find yourself looking for excuses to set it aside. Convert a spare room to a small theater, clear out a corner to install a mini bar, or block off a part of the garage to grow herbs—you’ll want to find some space for the things you have a passion for.


Add more storage

It’s true that you can never have enough storage, and that’s because you’ll never really stop acquiring things. Switching jobs, hosting a friend from overseas, or even expecting a new baby—nearly everything you do requires some sort of new acquisition, and you’ll need somewhere to keep them. A flexible home will have room for platform shelving, compartments by the stairs, or even hidden drawers in the living area. Having more storage means that you can save things for later, even when you can’t find a use for them now.


Redecorate your living space

A new outlook requires a new way of living, and it would be far too difficult to change things if your space remained the same. Redecorating your home acts as a visual cue that your life is taking a different path—a reminder for you to keep pushing on every time you get up in the morning. New furniture will always work, but even just rearranging the existing pieces in your living room or switching where your bed faces can have a profound effect on how you live.  


Move to a place that lets you grow

It’s close to impossible to change your lifestyle if you’re living in a place that keeps your growth in check. If you think your old home is weighing you down, it’s never too late to find a new one. Need help in selecting a home that grows with you? Have a look at our other stories here (link to story here) and here (link to story here) to help you get started.